Hearing affects your ability to take part in conversations and communicate with loved ones. If you or your child’s hearing is impaired, Elite ENT (ear, nose, and throat) offers a variety of treatments to restore their hearing. Luis Vazquez, MD, and Mary Ferriera, AuD, use hearing aids, cochlear implants, and innovative approaches to improve your sense of hearing. If you’re looking for a hearing specialist in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, schedule an appointment at Elite ENT.

Audiology Q & A

What does an audiologist do?

An audiologist is an expert specializing in hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists offer their expertise to prevent, diagnose, and treat auditory conditions.

As Elite ENT’s clinical audiologist, Dr. Ferriera restores hearing, balance, and language development to improve your quality of life.

When should I see an audiologist?

If you or a family member have trouble hearing or balancing, you should see an audiologist. You can bring these concerns to your primary care provider first, but they may refer you to an audiologist or ENT for more targeted care.

While it might be easy for an adult to identify hearing loss, a young child doesn’t always have such keen perception. Therefore, be on the lookout for signs of auditory impairment in your child.

Early signs your child may need to see an audiologist include:

  • Unresponsiveness to loud sounds
  • Failure to turn their head to hear your voice
  • Delayed speech development
  • Inability to follow simple directions
  • Balance issues

What audiology services do you provide?

Dr. Vazquez and Dr. Ferriera are available to diagnose and treat all your ear-related issues. As an audiologist, Dr. Ferriera provides a full range of audiology services including:

  • Audiogram testing
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Hearing protection

Who should get screened for hearing loss?

Anyone can schedule a screening for hearing loss, especially when you suspect your or a loved one’s hearing might be impaired. You may also want to have a hearing evaluation if you’ve experienced prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Hospital staff screen most newborns for hearing problems before they leave the hospital. Your child may also receive periodic hearing tests at their well-child checkups or when they exhibit signs of hearing impairment.

As you age, you may notice that sounds become muffled, or you must turn the TV volume louder. When you have trouble hearing voices and sounds the way you used to, consider an auditory screening.

To schedule a hearing evaluation, book a consultation with the audiologist at Elite ENT .

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