What does an audiologist do?

An audiologist is an expert specializing in hearing and balance
disorders. Audiologists offer their expertise to prevent,
diagnose, and treat auditory conditions.

As Elite ENT’s clinical audiologist, Dr. Ferriera restores hearing,
balance, and language development to improve your quality
of life.

When you preserve your hearing, you are also preserving your independence, vitality, and cognitive health.

Many are surprised to discover that hearing loss is the 3rd most common chronic health condition seen in older adults. Many are also under the impression that hearing loss is just a normal part of the aging process– something the elderly just have to live with. Thankfully, this is simply not the case.

At Elite ENT we understand that:

-Hearing loss doesn’t just happen to the elderly
-Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the ear; it affects the brain, and overall health
-Hearing loss is associated with a greater risk of depression,
-Hearing loss is associated with a greater risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s

Especially as we age, those who put an emphasis on “hearing health” tend to live a better quality of life, and are generally able to maintain better relationships with friends and loved ones. Protecting the health of your hearing also can protect the health of your brain, which can have a direct, positive impact on your ability to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

At Elite ENT, we understand the importance of scheduling an annual, non-invasive, painless, hearing test, as this will provide valuable insight into your hearing health year after year. In the same way we practice preventive care with regular blood work, eye exams, and dental checkups, we need to practice preventive care for our hearing.

Schedule a hearing evaluation today, your overall health and wellness will thank you for it.