Clarifix for Chronic Rhinitis

Constant runny nose. Congestion. Post-nasal drip. These are the symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis, a sinus condition affecting 10 million people in the U.S. If you suffer from chronic rhinitis, you probably find yourself having to carry tissues everywhere you go and may feel like you are constantly explaining to people that you are not sick.

Unfortunately, medication for chronic rhinitis doesn’t work for a lot of patients. That’s why ENT Elite offers Clarifix cryotherapy, an FDA-approved proven in-office treatment for chronic rhinitis.

What is Clarifix?

Clarifix is a breakthrough solution that treats the overactive nerves in the sinuses that cause symptoms. These overactive nerves trigger the nose to act like it is fighting an infection, even when no infection is present. The Clarifix procedure is performed by Dr. Vazquez right here in our office with minimal downtime and discomfort.

How does Clarifix work?

After numbing the nasal passages, the Clarifix device is introduced into the back of the nose. The extremely cold temperatures delivered by the device interrupt the nerve signals creating inflammation of the sinuses and overactive mucus production. The procedure is quick and well-tolerated. Most patients enjoy months of symptom relief after one treatment.

Make an appointment with us to find out if Clarifix might be right for you.